The Vineyard

The wine-making year starts in autumn, once the grape harvest is over and the equipment put away we arrive at St Martin's day and the beginning of a winter of hard work.

Pulling up old vines, preparing the ground, repairing the walls. The first frost is certainly felt, the sap has fallen in the vines and it's time to trim.

From the end of March to the beginning of April the vines start to revive and with them the whole ecosystem, planting and preparations for the new season can begin.

In May the vines start to bud and there are buds everywhere. It is necessary to remove the useless growths in order to help strengthen the others, in the local dialect this is called "éplaner", a way of regulating production.

In June, the vines grow and flourish. The branches must be attached to props or passed through wires, the crucial moment of flowering approaches bringing its promise and fears.

In July and August the vines grow up to 5 to 10cm per day. They must be pruned, furrowed and have excess grapes removed in order to ensure the best possible quality wines.

September is a quiet month for wine growers, on the vines we watch as the grapes swell and ripen. There is work to be done in the cellars where the press must be prepared

At the end of September in exceptionally hot years, or more normally at the beginning of October comes the time of grape harvesting. The grapes are ripe and ask nothing more than to be picked, it's also a time of celebration at the press as we watch the juice flow, the result of a years hard work.


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